Photo of Insights in new developments in hearing care


18 April 2023 (Accreditation in ethics and economy is requested) 20.05u The RIZIV/INAMI Campaign introduction, G. Van Biesen, 20.20u WHO: The consequences of untreated hearing loss and the important role of primary care, A. Laplante-Lévesque 20.35u The General Practitioner point of view, S. Teughels 20.50u The ENT point of view, C. Ducène 21.15u The Hearing Aid Professional point of view, D. Jaspers 26 April 2023 20.05u Over The Counter (OTC) and Prescription Hearing Aids in the US, where are we now? M. Belaen 20.30u Technical and functional analysis of the transparency mode in OTC Hearing Aids and Hearables. F. Denk 20.55u What are the consequences of these new developments for hearing care in Europe / Belgium? M. Laureyns


Insights in new developments in hearing care




18-04-2023 | 26-04-2023


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